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Extra Attic in the Community

St. Patrick’s Day evokes a certain set of images that we all associate with the fun-filled holiday: green clothing to ward off pinches, mischievous pranks, four-leaf clovers, and celebrations. Here at our Extra Attic locations, we even think of springtime at the same...

Giving Back with Room to Spare

The idea behind charity and giving back to your community is that you give what you can when it’s within your means. For our Extra Attic locations, sometimes that means we offer the gift of space… literally. Each of our self-storage facilities – From North Raleigh to...

We Aim to Please

Most feedback from our loyal customers regards what our employees do to keep them coming back to our locations for all of their storage needs.

Utilizing Your Storage Space in the New Year

When 2018 kicks off, most people will have already chosen a resolution on which they want to focus throughout the new year. But if your goal is to declutter your space and reorganize your home for optimal efficiency, Extra Attic has the tools and experience to help you choose the right methods and make the most of your space.

Indulge Yourself With Quality Wine Storage

A decadent wine deserves proper preparation and care: the better for you and your guests to enjoy it at your next holiday meal, special occasion, or family get-together. But if you don’t know how to store your wine properly, you’ll miss out on some of the hidden flavors and aromas that make each bottle unique. Extra Attic Self-Storage in Morrisville, North Carolina, has the solution to your storage conundrum.

How to Store Away the Thrills Until Next Year

The candy’s been accounted for, the monsters put to bed: another Halloween has come and gone. But now that it’s over, what to do with all of those killer costumes you put together? True, if you created your ensemble from pieces of your own wardrobe or old clothes that...

Sports Storage Made Easy

Autumn brings with it the return of extracurricular activities and the often stressful task of keeping everyone afloat amidst school, work, and social commitments. One thing you can do to ease that, though, is to keep organized, and we can help! Here at Extra Attic,...

4 Easy Ways to Make Back-to-School Season a Breeze

While the kids may wish summer fun could last forever, all good things must come to an end. But, the start of the school year doesn’t have to be a mad dash to reorder you and your family into an old routine. Say goodbye to hectic mornings and forgotten items with...

Using Self Storage for Your Restaurant, Food Truck, or Catering Business

Everyone’s got to eat, right? This is precisely why there are a plethora of places to grab a bite in cities of every size. From five star restaurants to four course caterers to itinerate food trucks that always seem to show up at exactly the right moment—getting your...