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Got Wine?

April 9, 2021

Got Wine?

Did you know the ideal wine storage temperature is 55 – 59 °F and 55 – 75% humidity?  Temperature and humidity outside these ranges can cause wine to lose antioxidants and color 4 times faster than wine properly stored according to a 2-year study conducted by Dr. Mattis at Italy’s Fondazione Edmund Mach research center.

In addition, many popular home storage options can reduce a wine’s quality as well, especially areas prone to temperature fluctuations, sunlight, jostling and movement or pungent odors.

A wine refrigerator can solve this problem, but the cost can range from $500 for a basic fridge storing 4 cases of wine to more than $1,000 for more capacity and cooling options

Instead, consider wine storage at our Morrisville location, with lockers starting at less than $20/month.

Your wine will be secured inside a dedicated storage area with temperature controlled to 55 - 58 °F and humidity controlled to 50 – 70%.  In addition, this area also has:

  • Keypad-controlled access exclusively for wine storage clients,
  • Motion-detecting security cameras,
  • Soft LED lighting, and
  • Redundant cooling units connected to a backup generator in case of power loss

Stop by our location today to check this innovative service, or stop by or call us for more information:

10412 Chapel Hill Rd

Morrisville, NC  27560


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