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Tips for Decluttering after the Kids move

July 31, 2019

Tips for Decluttering After the Kids Move

Summer is coming to an end, and that means kids all over the country are headed off to college. All children eventually leave home, and while it is a part of life, it doesn’t make it any easier. One benefit to them leaving is that they will take their things and you’ll be left with an organized and clean bedroom right? Wong! Unfortunately, they usually don’t take all of their stuff with them, and you are stuck sorting through a lifetime of accumulated belongings. So, what can you do with all that stuff? Keep reading for decluttering tips to make use of once the kids move out.

Make them choose.

Before they leave, it’s essential that your kids choose what they really want to keep and what needs to go. Every item should be a definite yes or no. If an item is not important enough to be a definite yes, it's probably a no. If you didn’t have time to do this before they left, set up a quick video call. You can go through the items together to determine which ones have value.

Give things away.

Consider giving the more valuable items to family and friends. This way, you’ll know these things are going to good homes, and are still somewhat kept in the family.

Hold a sale or donate items.

Once you have your pile of things that must go, you can hold a garage sale. A lot of collectibles and older toys can have unexpected value. For items that you think could be worth something, look them up online. Any money made can go towards your room renovation. Anything that you don’t sell can be donated to help someone in need.


Once you have gotten rid of all the needless stuff, it’s time for something fresh. A fresh coat of paint and some new décor can lighten your mood and give you a sense of purpose. If you’re a sentimental parent who’s having a hard time with the change, renovating your kid’s room may be just the boost you need! You can still store these items away for safe keeping, and if you lack adequate space, consider one of our climate controlled storage units to make decluttering a breeze.

Pack and store.

Any important items you want to hold onto should be carefully packed in small or medium-sized boxes. If you have fragile items, use bubble wrap and mark them as fragile. Don't overpack, as heavy boxes are hard to move and could wind up crushing other boxes when stacked. As you pack, inventory each box so you know where everything is; you never know when your child will call you to find a specific thing. After all the wanted items are packed, it’s time to research a self-storage unit. By investing in self-storage, you'll avoid potentially getting rid of things your child might need later, and can give yourself a lot of flexibility. And once everything is stored away from the house, it can become your child’s responsibility to keep organized. 

Self-storage makes these important items accessible to both them and you, all while keeping the clutter at bay in your home. To get a quote on self-storage rates, contact Extra Attic Self Storage today, or access our online contact tool.

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