Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage Units


April 19th, 2019

The Benefits of Using Climate-controlled Storage Units

Selecting the right self-storage unit is a process. As the person renting the unit, you’re concerned about security, reliable staff, location, and a plethora of factors.  With your focus trained mainly on external concerns, why take on the burden of wondering what the inside of your unit will look and feel like?

The best way to address this very important topic while you conduct your search? Your self-storage experts at Extra Attic recommend investing in the benefits of climate-controlled storage units, as they will help cover a few scenarios that often endanger your most prized possessions from within.  

Weather patterns
In our home state of North Carolina, spring and summer seasons in particular have a tendency to usher in the wetter weather and air quality that help perpetuate our temperate climate. So on the one hand, we as residents get to enjoy gentler transitions between seasons and warmer temperatures! But on the other, those kinds of conditions can make it difficult to find a dry, secure space in which you can store any number of items that you don’t necessarily need to have laying around on a daily basis.

Climate-controlled self-storage units address these concerns because they’re specially built to shield your items from the elements, even the more intrusive ones like moisture in the air. These units are kept at specific temperatures (usually between 58 and 78 degrees F, depending on the stipulations of the facility), and as such protect items that are sensitive to humidity and damp air. Unlike your shed or even an attic space, climate-controlled self-storage units won’t fluctuate with the weather, so your items remain secure!

Pest control
No matter what measures you take to keep them away, pests have a knack for infiltrating all kinds of storage spaces. And while most of them are simply unpleasant to come across, several – including mice, rats and moths – can be harmful to your items that should have been kept safe. But if you’ve chosen to store them in attics, crawlspaces, outdoor sheds, or even your garage, there’s a decent chance that something will find them before you bring them back out again.

Climate-controlled storage units don’t just ward off the effects of the weather. Besides tempering humidity levels in the air, temperature controls and door seals help contain your belongings and prevent unwanted intruders from disturbing your self-storage space. Plus, facilities like Extra Attic employ pest control services to make sure your items are kept safe and sound.  Do you have items that need a little extra protection until you’re ready to use them again?  If you have any questions about what kind of self-storage space you need, feel free to contact us and speak with an expert.