The Benefits of Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning Can Give You the feel of a New House! Few things are more satisfying than a house you feel is comfortable and enjoyable to live in. A solid spring cleaning can help you get that feeling back if the clutter has snuck up on you over time. A storage unit from Extra Attic can also help you maximize the results of your de-cluttering work. Freeing up space in your home while organizing seasonal or occasional-used items for when they’re needed. Here are some tips to help you through the process. Schedule: It can be daunting to face de-cluttering your house. The best way to overcome this is to schedule a day and time (or maybe two days) and get the entire family to commit to participate. A few hours can be all that’s needed if you’re ready in advance. Prioritize: Having a plan for what everyone wants to accomplish. Here are some possible categories to consider: Unused or occasionally-used items like Christmas decorations, hobby equipment, reference books and the like; Furniture and appliances being kept because “some day we might need it”; Seasonal clothing, in a dedicated wardrobe box or regular box; Important family documents and sentimental items; Suitcases and other vacation necessities. Garage space. Wouldn’t it be great to park your vehicles inside the garage again! Prepare: You’ll need boxes to organize the storage of smaller items. Here at Extra Attic, we recommend getting like-sized boxes (combination of medium and large), which will make storing in your storage unit more efficient. Give everyone markers and paper to list what goes into each box, so you’ll know what’s gone where. Have lots of tape, and invest in one or two good tape dispensers to make sealing go quickly. We suggest you reserve your storage unit beforehand, so you know you’ll have it readily accessible. You can do this easily through our online reservation tool, or just contact us and let us know your needs. Extra Attic offers a ...

March 6th, 2023

T'Was the Day After Christmas


T'was the day after Christmas, and all through the house, new toys o'erflowed, leaving me to just grouse. "I've cleaned up the attic, I've filled the garage, but an uncluttered house still seems a mirage." When out on the street there arose such a clatter, I sprang to my window to see what was the matter. A small moving van appeared, 'Extra Attic' on its side, "Ah", I said, "my decluttering ride!" A stately gentleman slowly jumped out, and beckoned me near as he made a shout: "On Preston, on Roger, on Steve, Scott and Kjell. Save these people from their clutter hell." In a minute they solved my clutter nightmare, into temp storage with much room to spare. I heard him say as he stored my stuff out of sight: "Merry storage to all, and to all a good night!" ...

December 26th, 2022

Your Online Security


We’re all online these days, to one degree or another.  Bad actors know going after your online information is very tempting.  Sometimes it’s easy to spot, like the Nigerian prince who’s still trying to get his millions out of country after all these years. Unfortunately, many are more insidious and these people target your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including debit and credit card numbers, Social Security number, and financial accounts.  Criminals may also try to get you to click on embedded links or open attached files to try and infect your computer or install malware that steals this information. Extra Attic is very respectful of your online privacy and security so we wanted to post this article to help you identify and evaluate online communications you receive. The general term for these fraudulent emails is “phishing”.  Here are some steps you can take any time you receive an email you’re not expecting, even if it looks like it’s from a source you know: Check the “From” email address.  Is it the same as you expect, or is it just similar?  Sometimes bad actors will use an address that looks somewhat familiar, but is not legitimate.  Our email addresses will always end in “” and begin with our facility’s location. If the message includes a hyperlink or button to take you to a website, you can “hover” over it (place your mouse icon over the link, but do not click) to inspect it.  If the web address does not match the company purportedly sending the email, do not click through as it may take you to a copycat website.  Any legitimate links from Extra Attic will have either “” or “” as part of the address. Check any attachments and verify their authenticity before opening them.  Be suspicious of any unexpected document or a document with a generic name.  At Extra Attic, all our documents will have our name (“ExtraAtticSelfStorage…”) as part of the document name, along with a date stamp that will look like this:  “_YYYYMMMDD”.  ...

October 31st, 2022

Congratulations, your child's off to college!


After all your hard work, you’ve sent your child off to college.  You now have the joy of determining what could you do with the extra bedroom space. Most people these days opt for a dedicated home office to better support remote or hybrid work.  It’s so much better than sharing the dining room table or living room couch.  Setting up a home office will give you privacy, organization and better focus.  It also gives you an important psychological lift as you’ve better defined your work / home balance.  Look at some home office setup ideas here, based around your work style. Or maybe you’d like to move your widescreen TV from the living room.  Many people are doing this as it makes your living room much calmer.   It creates a place for you to read or gather with others without the constant noise from a TV.  And with the improvement in soundbars, you can bring much better audio to your TV-watching even in a smaller room.  Look at some great TV room ideas here.  Of course, now you need to figure out what to do with the furniture as you refit the former bedroom.  One idea is to donate it, and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Raleigh is a great option to consider. But, you still have the matter of leftover clothes and possessions that never made into that dorm room at college that you want to keep.  For these situations, there’s Extra Attic Self Storage.  We have climate-controlled storage units in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 5’ x 5’ up to 10’ x 15’.  Climate control protects mattresses, fine furniture, and other possessions sensitive to moisture or temperature extremes. Extra Attic will give you the ability to rent month-to-month and will guarantee a level rental rate for at least 12 months.  All our units are at ground level so no navigating elevators or long narrow aisles.  We provide secure gated and fenced facilities available to you 7 days a week.  ...

August 16th, 2022

Perils of Parking


It’s insidious. Before you know it, all the stuff you’ve been moving out to your garage makes it impossible to fit your car in it and now you’ve got to park every night in your driveway. It’s no secret that property crime is on the increase no matter where you may live in North Carolina. A car parked outside at night makes a very inviting target for thieves. They may steal it, take belongings like purses, laptops, or other easily-fenced items left in it, or just vandalize it out of spite. A thief may even cut out your vehicle’s catalytic converter to sell for its valuable metals. And even more important, the thief could gain entry to your house if there’s a garage-door opener in your vehicle, putting you and your family at risk. For less than your insurance deductible though, you can reclaim your garage. At Extra Attic, we have a variety of storage size options, and even climate-controlled units to provide temperature and humidity control for even better protection of your belongings If you’re not able to park your vehicle safely in your garage, follow these suggestions: Never leave your keys in it. Install motion-sensitive lights or smart Cam to deter thieves. Empty your vehicle every night, lock it and set an alarm if one’s installed. Even if you don’t use our secure self-storage solutions, we want you to remain safe. Extra Attic has convenient locations in Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh and Wake Forest. Check out our reviews on Google, view and reserve storage units online, or message us with any questions you may have. All at ...

June 28th, 2022

We Value Your Opinion


You’re most likely part of the 97% of consumers who evaluate online reviews before making purchase decisions.  Honest online reviews are the lifeblood for local businesses like Extra Attic, as 88% of people value online reviews as highly as a recommendation from a friend.  Google and Extra Attic’s own website are valuable sources of reviews about us. Your voice can be powerful, and we’re asking you to share your experience with Extra Attic, from searching for storage all the way through to your move-out.  Your reviews are critical to help everyone understand what we do well, where we might need to improve, and other ways to make your storage experience more rewarding.  It also allows us to interact with you and respond to your thoughts when beneficial. We are very interested in knowing what you think of us.  To share your opinions and insights, or just learn what your friends think of us, please click on your favorite Extra Attic location below: 10412 Chapel Hill Rd in Morrisville: Google Extra Attic Morrisville 900 Windy Rd in Apex: Google Extra Attic Apex 8320 Louisburg Rd in Wake Forest: Google Extra Attic Louisburg Rd 10240 Durant Rd in Raleigh: Google Extra Attic Durant Rd 3420 Tryon Rd in Raleigh: Google Extra Attic Tryon Rd Thank you! ...

April 4th, 2022

Help Your Holiday Decorations Last


It’s that time of year when you’ve gone up into your attic, or maybe dug out boxes stored in your garage, and gotten out your holiday decorations to outfit your house.  It’s a lot of work, and the way you store them for future use can significantly affect how long they’ll last. Storing your decorations in attics or garages expose them to large fluctuations in temperature over the course of the year.  This can make them much more fragile when you go to use them.  Additionally, humidity can adversely affect anything electrical or electronic, and cause potential safety issues. Consider renting a small climate-controlled storage unit!  Extra Attic offers low-cost 5’ x 5’ units, and larger ones if you have more decorations than the average mall.  We manage these units so all your holiday decorations will remain safe and secure until you need them next year. And one more benefit – since all our storage units are ground floor and easily accessible, you won’t have the hassle of stuffing them up in your attic or garage overhead storage! At Extra Attic Storage we’re passionate about making sure your total rental experience is everything you deserve.  Explore our Raleigh-area locations today through our website ( to learn more and find a climate-controlled unit today.  Your decorations will thank you Happy holidays from extra Attic! ...

December 14th, 2021

How to Choose a Storage Facility


Choosing a storage facility can be a daunting task sometimes. You need something NOW! You’re not sure what you need though, or what should be important to you. Extra Attic Storage has given some thought to it, and we’d like to share our insights to help you the next time you need storage. Location: Yes, we started with an easy one! Make sure you have an idea where the facility you’re considering is located. We have convenient locations in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Apex and Morrisville. Online inventory search and reservations: There’s nothing more frustrating than making that trip to a storage facility only to find out they don’t have anything available, or even worse, have rented the unit they confirmed available when you called on the phone. Look for a facility with an online search capability and the ability to reserve and ensure it’ll still be available when you arrive. At Extra Attic, we go even one step further! If you call us and we have a unit available, we’ll mark it “Pending Rental” for you to come in and finalize your rental when it’s convenient for you. Storage facility layout: You’ve seen storage facilities that are two, three or even four stories high. That’s for their convenience, not yours. Carrying your possessions through these building can be a huge burden as you’ll have to not only navigate elevators, but also tight narrow corners inside the facility. At Extra Attic, our units are all ground floor to make it easy to fill and empty your unit. And all but our climate-controlled units are drive-up accessible to be even more convenient. Security: Don’t forget to check out security. At a very minimum, there should be secured access into the facility to make sure no one who is not a tenant can not get in. At Extra Attic, we go further as well. Our facilities all have ...

November 14th, 2021

Keeping the Contents of Your Storage Unit Safe


Protecting Your Stored Belongings There are three main components key to keeping your stored belongings organized, safe and in good shape: Proper packing, labelling and unit utilization (see our article from October 2019), Insurance coverage, and Comprehensive facility security While you can get the details on packing best practices in the article, considerations include: Using packing boxes that are the same size to make safe stacking easier, Cushion what you put in each box to protect it, and clearly label what’s in each box, Move in heavy objects first so they’re in the back of the unit, and Leave an aisle down the middle of your unit to make ongoing access easy. To correctly insure your unit’s contents, there are several things to consider.  The good news is that if you have homeowner’s insurance, anything you store in your unit should be covered under the “off-premises personal property” section of your policy.  If you’re not sure you have this coverage or want to make sure your coverage limits are sufficient, contact your insurance agent. If you do not have homeowner’s insurance, Extra Attic Storage can recommend a specialized insurer who can provide you with a Tenant insurance policy or you can locate one on your own.  While Extra Attic Storage does not require you insure your unit contents, we recommend you do if there are hard-to-replace items or items have significant sentimental value. Lastly, consider the security of the storage facility.  Extra Attic Storage employs a number of important tools and practices to monitor access and keep your belongings safe.  These include: 24-hr video surveillance covering the entire storage site, Lockable storage units, with locks available for purchase if you don’t have your own, Computer-controlled access gate requiring a personal pass code for entrance and exit, and Continuing monitoring during business hours by our onsite property managers Our onsite property managers would love to help you.  Stop by one of our locations today to find out more: Apex Morrisville Raleigh Wake Forest ...

May 1st, 2021

Got Wine?


Got Wine? Did you know the ideal wine storage temperature is 55 – 59 °F and 55 – 75% humidity?  Temperature and humidity outside these ranges can cause wine to lose antioxidants and color 4 times faster than wine properly stored according to a 2-year study conducted by Dr. Mattis at Italy’s Fondazione Edmund Mach research center. In addition, many popular home storage options can reduce a wine’s quality as well, especially areas prone to temperature fluctuations, sunlight, jostling and movement or pungent odors. A wine refrigerator can solve this problem, but the cost can range from $500 for a basic fridge storing 4 cases of wine to more than $1,000 for more capacity and cooling optionsInstead, consider wine storage at our Morrisville location, with lockers starting at less than $20/month 📷 Your wine will be secured inside a dedicated storage area with temperature controlled to 55 - 58 °F and humidity controlled to 50 – 70%.  In addition, this area also has: Keypad-controlled access exclusively for wine storage clients, Motion-detecting security cameras, Soft LED lighting, and Redundant cooling units connected to a backup generator in case of power loss Stop by our location today to check this innovative service, or stop by or call us for more information: 10412 Chapel Hill Rd Morrisville, NC  27560 (919)610-5569 ...

April 9th, 2021

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