Downsizing for Your Retirement? Self Storage Can Help!


February 12th, 2017

As we get older, we often find that we don’t need as much as we used to. If you’re over the age of 55, you’ve probably realized this. After you retire, you don’t need a big home office and a full closet of professional clothes. Once the kids move out, you don’t need four bedrooms and a big back yard. As you begin to plan your retirement, you want to spend more time traveling and less time worrying about your stuff. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we have good news. Self-storage can help you achieve your goals and downsize gracefully!

Here are some ways self-storage can make your life easier:

If you’re an empty nester…

Once the kids move out, you finally have time for your hobbies and interests. Often, empty nesters want to turn their kids’ rooms into other spaces, such as a sewing room or a home gym. If you’re kids left behind their childhood beds and dressers, however, this can be difficult. Instead of getting rid of these family heirlooms, put them in self-storage. That way, once your kids have houses of their own, they can take their furniture back and pass them on to their own children.

If you’re buying a condo by the beach…

Now that you’re retired, you can finally buy that condo on the beach you’ve always dreamed about. The only problem is that a two-bedroom apartment with a view of the ocean won’t fit all the furniture you once crammed into a family home in the suburbs. To save space, not to mention your sanity, put any extras you don’t need right now into self-storage. This will give you plenty of space to breathe in that salty ocean air.

If you’re hitting the road in an RV…

Many retirees choose to trade in their houses for a home on wheels. The call of the open road can be strong, and a life where the scenery is always changing can be a welcome a respite after years in the same job. Whether you want to move into an RV permanently or just enjoy the freedom for a few years, it’s a good idea to put most your belongings in self-storage. This ensures they’ll be safe and secure until your triumphant return. And when you get back, you can store your RV in your self-storage unit until your next adventure!

If you’re approaching retirement age, you’ll have many choices and different opportunities. The best way to take advantage of them is by getting a self-storage unit so you don’t have to worry about your valuables while you embark on your next adventure. For more information, or to find a self-storage until near you, contact Extra Attic Self Storage today.