Help Your Holiday Decorations Last


December 14th, 2021

It’s that time of year when you’ve gone up into your attic, or maybe dug out boxes stored in your garage, and gotten out your holiday decorations to outfit your house.  It’s a lot of work, and the way you store them for future use can significantly affect how long they’ll last.

Storing your decorations in attics or garages expose them to large fluctuations in temperature over the course of the year.  This can make them much more fragile when you go to use them.  Additionally, humidity can adversely affect anything electrical or electronic, and cause potential safety issues.

Consider renting a small climate-controlled storage unit!  Extra Attic offers low-cost 5’ x 5’ units, and larger ones if you have more decorations than the average mall.  We manage these units so all your holiday decorations will remain safe and secure until you need them next year.

And one more benefit – since all our storage units are ground floor and easily accessible, you won’t have the hassle of stuffing them up in your attic or garage overhead storage!

At Extra Attic Storage we’re passionate about making sure your total rental experience is everything you deserve.  Explore our Raleigh-area locations today through our website ( to learn more and find a climate-controlled unit today.  Your decorations will thank you Happy holidays from extra Attic!