How to Choose a Storage Facility


November 14th, 2021

Choosing a storage facility can be a daunting task sometimes. You need something NOW! You’re not sure what you need though, or what should be important to you. Extra Attic Storage has given some thought to it, and we’d like to share our insights to help you the next time you need storage.

Location: Yes, we started with an easy one! Make sure you have an idea where the facility you’re considering is located. We have convenient locations in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Apex and Morrisville.

Online inventory search and reservations: There’s nothing more frustrating than making that trip to a storage facility only to find out they don’t have anything available, or even worse, have rented the unit they confirmed available when you called on the phone. Look for a facility with an online search capability and the ability to reserve and ensure it’ll still be available when you arrive. At Extra Attic, we go even one step further! If you call us and we have a unit available, we’ll mark it “Pending Rental” for you to come in and finalize your rental when it’s convenient for you.

Storage facility layout: You’ve seen storage facilities that are two, three or even four stories high. That’s for their convenience, not yours. Carrying your possessions through these building can be a huge burden as you’ll have to not only navigate elevators, but also tight narrow corners inside the facility. At Extra Attic, our units are all ground floor to make it easy to fill and empty your unit. And all but our climate-controlled units are drive-up accessible to be even more convenient.

Security: Don’t forget to check out security. At a very minimum, there should be secured access into the facility to make sure no one who is not a tenant can not get in. At Extra Attic, we go further as well. Our facilities all have 24x7 recorded video surveillance covering all areas of our facilities. We also have motion- and light-activated lighting to make sure you’ll always be able to see your surroundings.

True rental cost: Carefully review your expected costs over your full anticipated rental. Some facilities dangle a short-term low rate, but dramatically increase your monthly cost after that introductory period expires. At Extra Attic, we guarantee our rental rates for a full 12 months.

Onsite management: Finally, be sure to check that the facility provides comprehensive onsite management. Some rental facilities don’t have anyone onsite, compelling you to work with a remote call center. Extra Attic puts onsite managers in place 6 days a week, to help with any questions, take payments, or help you regain access to your unit if you lose your keys.

At Extra Attic Storage we’re passionate about making sure your total rental experience is everything you deserve. Begin exploring our Raleigh-area locations today through our website ( to learn more!