How to Prepare Your Storage Space for Fall


July 31st, 2018

As much as we hate to say it, summer will be winding down before we know it! And with the introduction of shorter days and cooler temperatures also comes different storage needs in and around your home.

It may seem like a chore to have to switch up your current system to accommodate a new season, but the experts here at Extra Attic have got a few insider tips for making the transition to fall a much easier process this year!

Lawn care tools 
Once the cooler weather comes into play, your lush, green lawn is going to experience quite a few changes. Even before the official start of fall, you might notice less of a need to keep some of your heavy-duty tools of the trade within arm’s reach. When this happens, it helps to have a reliable and safe storage space in which you can stow away the items. Weed whackers, bulkier gardening tools, and even lawnmowers: when the time is right, these can all be drained of any remaining fuel and put away for the colder seasons, therefore freeing up your garage in the process.

Summer entertainment
During the summer, we’re able to enjoy the outdoors in ways that we otherwise can’t throughout the rest of the year. But once the temperatures begin falling, we have various sports and recreation replacements to which we can turn. Water slides, inflatable pool floats, watersports equipment, and more can all give way to snowboards, skates, and even stores of firewood for when the cold really settles in and brings the chance for snow. All you need is a secure storage facility and you can swap out your entertainments as necessary!

Boats and RVs 
Summertime is perfect for taking the boat out on the water for the day to ride the waves and soak up some sun, and with the kids out of school you can more easily find time to take that longer vacation in your RV. But when the season ends and you’re left with a larger vehicle you won’t get much use out of for several months, it can get aggravating having to move around it. With facilities like Extra Attic, you can find safe locations that allow you to park these kinds of rides until you’re ready to use them again.

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge into fall fun, or simply glad that you get to hang onto summer for a bit longer, Extra Attic is here to help you keep things organized and in their proper place until you need them again. Contact us to find out what we have available near you!