Perils of Parking


June 28th, 2022

It’s insidious. Before you know it, all the stuff you’ve been moving out to your garage makes it impossible to fit your car in it and now you’ve got to park every night in your driveway.

It’s no secret that property crime is on the increase no matter where you may live in North Carolina. A car parked outside at night makes a very inviting target for thieves. They may steal it, take belongings like purses, laptops, or other easily-fenced items left in it, or just vandalize it out of spite. A thief may even cut out your vehicle’s catalytic converter to sell for its valuable metals.

And even more important, the thief could gain entry to your house if there’s a garage-door opener in your vehicle, putting you and your family at risk.

For less than your insurance deductible though, you can reclaim your garage. At Extra Attic, we have a variety of storage size options, and even climate-controlled units to provide temperature and humidity control for even better protection of your belongings

If you’re not able to park your vehicle safely in your garage, follow these suggestions: Never leave your keys in it. Install motion-sensitive lights or smart Cam to deter thieves. Empty your vehicle every night, lock it and set an alarm if one’s installed. Even if you don’t use our secure self-storage solutions, we want you to remain safe.

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