Proper Packing Techniques


October 1st, 2019

Maximize the Space in your Storage Unit with Proper Packing Techniques

Storage units can play a valuable role for anyone looking to downsize, or for those looking for some extra room. However, people tend to overlook the importance of properly packing a storage unit. Proper packing techniques can help you save money by ensuring that more of your items fit into a smaller storage unit, as well as make your items more accessible in the future. Keep reading for some smart and strategic packing techniques to maximize space and preserve your stored belongings.

Label your boxes.
Start off on the right foot by properly and clearly distinguishing what is in your boxes. With so many boxes stacked one on top of another in the storage, you can easily forget which one contains what. So, label the boxes with big, bold letters and be specific. If a box contains 10 items belonging to different categories, write the name of every category. Face the labels toward the door so that you will be able to identify them easily when the time comes to bring something out of storage.

Make items compact.
If you are going to use your storage unit to house large furnishings, plan to break these items down so that they don't take up as much room. Disassemble bookcases, remove the legs from tables, and leave the drawers inside the dressers. Taking the time to break down bulky furniture helps free up space within your unit and gives you more legroom to fit in other things, too. Pack the items inside boxes tightly so that there will be no empty spaces between pieces. This also prevents them from colliding into each other when being moved.

Put the tallest and heaviest in first.
Tall and bulky objects can cause major damage if they fall on top of smaller items, so make it a point to put them into the unit first. Place tall items like a refrigerator or mattress against the wall, and other heavy ones in the space between them. Smaller boxes can go in later, on top of the first round.

Use vertical space.
Don’t let that vertical space go to waste! With proper packing, you can utilize the vertical space within your storage unit to create more room. For example, stand couches up on their sides to free up valuable floor space. Place smaller items in boxes that are the same size to make stacking easier. Also, look into portable shelving systems. They can help you maximize the use of your vertical space and keep your boxes organized and accessible while preventing stacks from falling over and damaging your belongings.

These effective tips will help you fit more items into your storage unit while saving you time and money, not to mention all the extra space you will now have at home. If you’re ready for more space, check out our self-storage unit calculator to find the best unit for your needs, or click the link to find an Extra Attic Self-Storage near you.