Self Storage Benefits for Contractors


August 4th, 2020

Five Benefits for Contractor Self Storage

For those in the construction industry, renting a self-storage unit is a simple and practical solution for storing materials and equipment. Choosing a centrally located storage unit, close to the job site, helps mitigate risks while also making the transportation of project materials much easier.

So, having one organized space for all your essential work equipment is a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, some contractors still chose to store their equipment on-site, which can lead to disaster as this exposes these items to vandalism, theft, and weather damage. Or they continue to work out of their vans or trucks without proper access items needed to get the job done.

A self-storage unit will help contractors stay organized, keeps overhead low, and will set construction businesses up for success. Renting a self-storage unit is the ideal solution for construction companies. Keep reading for just some of the many benefits!

Construction self-storage will save money.
  • Construction storage will save contractors money because there are no upfront expenses, and utilities are included. Typical leases at facilities force customers to sign expensive and binding agreements for several years.
  • With no long-term contracts to worry about, contractor storage units can save hardworking contractors the money they need to get the job done on a budget.

Self-Storage offers convenience.
  • Convenience is just one of the many benefits of self-storage. As every contractor knows, there is no tolerance for lost time on the job.
  • Gate access allows contractors and their staff the ability to pick up tools early in the morning before the workday begins.

Climate Control for Construction Storage.
  • For contractors working in hot, humid environments, a climate-controlled storage unit is an excellent investment to mitigate the risk of damage to tools and equipment. Humidity can cause appliances to rust, and heat can impact electronic equipment.
  • While climate-controlled storage units are no guarantee against damage, such units are an effective preventative measure for contractors looking to get the most out of their units.

Lots of amenities.
Extra Attic Self-storage offers many amenities to benefit the busy contractor. Some of these amenities include:
  • All first-floor units, with no freight elevators. A busy contractor needs to get in and out quickly to start the day; there is no time for elevator rides.
  • Fully fenced units with coded access control gates to guarantee the security of expensive tools.
  • Well-lit and 24-hour video surveillance will ensure personal safety as most contractor’s days begin before the sun is up and ends after it goes down.
  • There are a variety of unit sizes to choose from to accommodate all needs.
  • We offer wide aisles and drive-up storage units to enable quick loading and unloading times.

Plenty of room for smart storage.
Whatever size you chose, you will have plenty of room for organization and proper storage of all your equipment. However, you must take care when storing your tools and materials. A few essential tool storage tips can help keep construction equipment and tools in good working condition.
  • Store small contractor tools in plastic bins inside a self-storage unit. The plastic containers will help protect the tools from dirt, dust, and other impediments that may cause damage. Also, they are easy to stack and transport!
  • Label the boxes appropriately so that you and your team can find tools quickly and easily.
  • Ensure all tools and equipment are properly cleaned and damage free before storing for the night.

Extra Attic offers a wide variety of contractor storage solutions at all of our North Carolina locations. Whether the job is big or small, we have a self-storage solution that is just right for you.

Contact us today to learn how Extra Attic can help you store those tools and material and set your construction business up for success!