Self Storage for Newlyweds


July 24th, 2016

Wedding season has arrived, which means beautiful ceremonies, touching speeches, entertaining receptions, and—if you’re the lucky bride and groom—lots of new stuff. It may seem strange to think about material objects during this time, but stuff is something we can’t escape. Newlyweds in particular have a number of decisions to make regarding their possessions, and in many cases a self-storage unit can help them start their life together on the right foot. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Two Becomes One

If the happily married couple is moving in together for the first time, they’re probably struggling to figure out what to do with all their stuff—specifically when it comes to duplicates. How does a couple decide which toaster to keep? Which television to give away? Whose bed to sleep in? What about all those beloved but questionable things that were fine for a bachelor or bachelorette, but don’t quite fit into a shared space. Fights can quickly erupt when one person doesn’t want to give up their great-grandpa’s lazy boy, or another doesn’t want to part with a collection of books, dolls, or trinkets. Keep the early days of your marriage peaceful by putting those excess items into a self-storage unit. Later, when you’ve had some time to settle in, you can revaluate the things you hid away and decide what stays, what goes, and what continues to live in your storage unit.

Saving for Later

When two people get married, they often receive a plethora of generous gifts. From new bedding to good China to three toasters, there are many things they need now, and other things they’ll need one day. If you and your spouse are living in a small studio apartment while you save up for your dream home, finding a place for all that stuff isn’t easy and can be downright stressful. On the other hand, you want to make sure the gifts you receive are kept in good condition until you’re ready to enjoy them. The solution? A self-storage unit. At Extra Attic, many of our units are climate controlled and all of them are safe and secure, making them a great place to keep your new belongings until you have the space to proudly display them.

A Unique Gift

If you’re attending a wedding as a guest and want to give the bride and groom a thoughtful and unique gift, look no further than a self-storage unit! Purchasing a year’s worth of storage unit space is a great gift idea that will give the newlyweds more space instead of taking it up with something they don’t need or can’t use. While self-storage units are rarely listed on a couple’s wedding registry, you can be certain they won’t want to return it—especially when you explain all the ways it can help them build their life together.

Who knew self-storage could be so romantic? (Hint: we did.) Whether you’re a recently married couple or a thoughtful wedding guest, a self-storage unit is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful marriage. Contact Extra Attic Self-Storage today to learn more about our solutions!