Self Storage for Small Business


May 18th, 2019

Self-storage for Small Businesses

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your brain child is taking off and making strides in the world. And for small business owners, watching a concept grow into a fully operational entity is nothing short of thrilling! So when your company does start developing into something more than an idea and a handful of sketches, you might start considering an expansion: whether that means hiring more hands, moving to a bigger facility, or even branching out across multiple locations. As satisfying as all of this success is, we also understand that it can present its own unique set of challenges, particularly for the boss. One of the trickiest? How to juggle all of the office essentials in between relocating or rearranging your brick and mortar base to accommodate staff changes. But don’t worry – your self-storage experts at Extra Attic have a few tips to help take off some of the pressure! 

No matter the situation, moving with furniture complicates the process. From reserving a vehicle that can transport as many pieces as possible at one time, to unloading and reloading everything, even a simple office chair can start to feel like a burden by the time it’s all said and done. Or, if you’re trying to use your office space as economically as you can, bulkier pieces and superfluous chairs can quickly get in the way and block off areas that could be utilized during regular hours. With the right size storage unit, you can help solve those problems and still have that furniture on hand should you need it again! Work with the facility’s staff beforehand to find the perfect unit for your furniture storage, and watch as your business becomes a little less cluttered.

Technology and Paperwork
During a move or office renovation, there are two types of items that can be particularly sensitive to change: technology and important documents. That being said, it’s important that you have somewhere safe to store these things so that they’re not in the way of any heavy lifting, but are also safe and secure. Self-storage facilities like ours are equipped with security measures like climate control, comprehensive lighting, regular pest control, and onsite management to protect your more sensitive belongings.

As for packaging, we recommend using sturdy containers like plastic cases rather than standard cardboard boxes. Line these with packing peanuts for computers and other tech gadgets, and protective folders or sheets for documents. That way, there’s even less opportunity for any outside influences to corrupt your items before you need to pull them back out of storage.

Office Supplies
You’d be surprised – or maybe not, depending on the type of business you run – how much space your miscellaneous office supplies can take over! At Extra Attic, we offer you the accommodations you need to store various boxes in different sizes, not to mention things like floor lamps that you might need to keep out of your way until they’re needed again. Best of all, our rental agreements can be renewed on a month-to-month basis, so even if you just need a short-term solution, our facilities have you covered at a decent rate.

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