Sports Storage Made Easy


September 25th, 2017

Autumn brings with it the return of extracurricular activities and the often stressful task of keeping everyone afloat amidst school, work, and social commitments. One thing you can do to ease that, though, is to keep organized, and we can help!

Here at Extra Attic, we have a few solutions for you to keep your entire household in order, specifically in the case of keeping everyone’s equipment secure and ready to go at a moment’s notice, or tucked away for a season or two. Everyone can enjoy recreational activities without any additional hassle, and you can cheer them on without wondering where all the balls, rackets, and jerseys will go afterward!

Keep all the balls in the air… or up against the wall.
With just a corner of the garage or shed, a block of wood, and a few sturdy bungee cords, you can create an effective storage method for just about any ball rolling around your home while not in play.If you do plan to DIY the corner storage method, observe basic safety rules when cutting the wood to fit the corner and drilling spaces for the bungee cords. When the wood is fastened at a suitable height in the desired corner of the room, you can secure the bungee cords and create a cage of sorts for basketballs, volleyballs, and any others that need a safe place to wait for the next game. There’s an example of how this looks here.

Down to the wire.
Wire shelving and bins are perfect for keeping together rackets, bats, knee pads, and any other loose gear from getting lost in the shuffle of the garage. Choose baskets with close-woven wires so as to minimize the likelihood of anything falling through to the floor while not in use, but the openness of the shelf will allow you to find what you need at a single glance. That only leaves you with suiting up and getting back in the game.

Rack them up.
Bike racks aren’t only useful for your wheels; try using them to support golf bags, tennis equipment, and other bulkier gear to free up your shelving space. This way, more compact items like balls and shoes have their own places and are in less danger of getting lost amongst other objects in the garage or shed.

Whether you need to stow away the sports equipment for the colder months to come or keep it around for fall entertainment, there are multiple ways to keep everyone on track and organized. For other storage tips, check out our other articles and don’t hesitate to contact us for more!