Storage for Hobbyists


June 20th, 2019

Storing up the Shop: Self-storage for Hobbyists

Whether you’re into building model trains, painstakingly constructing ships in bottles, or collecting priceless valuables and preserving their pristine conditions for years to come, every good hobbyist will tell you that a pursuit like these takes space – and lots of it!

And more often than not, your home only has so much of that to offer, especially when you factor in your family members or roommates, pets, and the essentials: furniture and functional rooms like your kitchen, for example. Slacking on your favorite pastimes, or doing anything by half, definitely isn’t an option. So how can you keep a clean and comfortable home while maintaining access to everything you need to replicate that battleship or knit the world’s comfiest blanket? Don’t worry – your self-storage experts here at Extra Attic have some tips to help you manage your personal hobby shop, wherever it may be.

Think tall
Whether you’re looking at what’s available to you in your office at home, or even in a self-storage facility elsewhere, you should never discredit your vertical space. For your basic tools and implements, we recommend looking into innovative options like hanging racks or even pockets, depending on what it is you want to store. For the heavier stuff, it might be time to break out the power tools and install some sturdier shelves. Just remember that every storage facility has its own rules about modifying your unit, and you’ll need to check with the location manager before making any major changes to the space.  

Put your talents on display
You work hard on your hobbies, spending hours getting every last detail right. So why hide the finished products away? There are tons of unique ways to display your creative endeavors, including adjustable and open shelving units. In fact, you can even find some shelving units or cabinet sets that easily come apart and can be put back together, so you don’t have to commit to one layout without the possibility to change things around again later.

Roving artist
If your hobby doesn’t require you to sit in one spot for too long, you may want to offer yourself the freedom to change up your workspace as the mood strikes. Mobile shelves, rolling carts, and detachable storage bins are absolute musts for artists and hobbyists on the go! Plus, these are the types of additions that are perfect for keeping in a self-storage unit, if you decide to go that route rather than keep your supplies within reach at home.

Ready to get your home office, garage, or self-storage unit more organized? Invest in a few of these tips, or stay tuned for more news from your experts at Extra Attic.