Summer Storage for College Students


June 28th, 2018

For plenty of hardworking college students, summer holds opportunities for a number of self-improvements and projects. While some take advantage of having some downtime and prefer to vacation or perhaps get in a few more hours at a part-time job while class isn’t in session, others opt to continue their education during special summer classes and seminars.

But no matter what route they take, it’s fairly common for these students to also run into a need for temporary space, even well after the school year ends. In cases such as these, Extra Attic is here to lend a hand to college students with our spacious, safe facilities!

Transitioning between summer sessions
Most universities split their summer classes into two shorter sessions, usually from mid-May until the end of June, then from the beginning of July to mid-August. So if you’re only taking one class over the summer, that leaves you with about a month to six weeks in which you don’t need to be on campus. With facilities like Extra Attic, you can easily transfer the belongings you don’t need to take back to your childhood home to a secure storage unit for a short time period. We even offer special student rates through August!

Cleaning house
When you moved out of your dorm room for the summer, or when you got home and were given the assignment from your parents to clean up your old room at their house, chances are you ended up throwing out a few things you no longer needed. But, as is usually the case with any major cleaning session, you might have come across some items with which you weren’t quite ready to part ways. Temporary summer storage is a great solution! Just pack away what you know you can set to the side and reserve a unit to the end of the summer, at which time you can decide whether or not it needs to stay or go.

If you find yourself in need of some temporary storage space this summer, don’t wait! Check out our different storage unit sizes or give one of our locations a call to discuss your needs and our availability.