The 5 Most Common Self Storage Mistakes (and How to Avoid them)


September 30th, 2016

A self storage unit can improve your life in many ways. It can create more room if you live in a smaller home, keep your valuables safe, store items for later use, save hand-me-downs and heirlooms for the next generation, and keep your living situation from getting too cluttered. That said, there are some mistakes that people make when getting their first storage unit. This is a shame, since these mistakes can keep them from getting the most of their extra space. To help you avoid this fate, we’ve put together the following guidelines. Read them, know them, follow them, and enjoy everything Extra Attic’s six convenient locations have to offer!

You Forgot to Label Your Boxes

There is nothing worse than opening your storage unit to grab something you need right now, only to realize you have no idea which box it’s in. Avoid this problem by labeling every single box with clear, straightforward names that leave no room for doubt. For example, never label a box “miscellaneous.” Instead, try “kitchen utensils” or “Christmas decorations.”

You Wrapped Items in Newspaper

Newspaper might seem like a great packing material. It’s cheap, available everywhere, and a good way to recycle, right? Wrong! The ink used to print newspapers will bleed, staining fabrics and dirtying glassware. Skip the New York Times and instead opt for wrapping paper, packing peanuts, or blankets.

You Put Food in Your Storage Unit

While this might seem like a strange thing to store, it happens. Even if you feel your canned goods are sealed up tight, it’s not worth the risk. Food can attract pests in addition to rotting and molding—all of which can damage your valuables. Don’t use your storage unit for any edible items and stash those non-perishables in your pantry at home, where you can keep a close eye on them.

You Don’t Have Insurance

While all Extra Attic Self Storage facilities are safe and secure thanks to video surveillance, a computer access gate, daily site checks, and on-site managers, accidents happen. Check to see if your homeowners or renters’ insurance covers disasters, including those that happen at a storage unit. If not, we can help you find self storage insurance that is available at reasonable prices. Remember: if it’s important enough to store, it’s important enough to insure.

You Packed Your Storage Unit in a Rush

Life is busy and it’s tempting to cut corners whenever possible. One of the places you shouldn’t attempt to save time, however, is when you’re moving your things into a self storage unit. Every item you store will be kept in its best condition if you do it correctly, and some items, such as rugs, musical instruments, or clothing, require special attention. Slow down and take the time to organize, pack, and move in so that you can do everything right the first time. Your future self will thank you—trust us.

We hope this post helps you make the most of your storage unit and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. If have questions about self storage or concerns about storing your valuables, don’t hesitate to contact us today. As always, we’re happy to help.