The Benefits of Self Storage for College Students


June 22nd, 2017

Most students welcome the end of the school year, but for college students the summer can create a different kind of stress. Leases are ending and starting, roommates are graduating and moving away, and students are finding themselves in flux, trying to secure housing for the next semester while still enjoying a break from their studies. One way to ease the stress and make the transitions smoother is by renting a self-storage unit.

How can self-storage help college students? Here are just a few ways:

No space at home? No problem!  

Many students return home for the summer, only to find that their parents converted their old bedrooms into yoga studios, sewing rooms, or man caves. If you’re a college student planning to spend the summer at home, it will be difficult to fit your belongings beside your mom’s exercise ball or your family’s movie collection. A better strategy is to put your stuff into self-storage and enjoy your summer with less baggage.

On the road? Travel light!

Summer is a great time to travel, see the world, and have adventures. Even if you get someone to lease your space while you’re out of town, you’ll still want to store your valuables somewhere safe and sound, not to mention give your sub-letter space for their own belongings. Self-storage is a safe, secure, and convenient way to store your stuff while you are jetting around the world or working a summer internship.

Don’t have a lot of stuff? Find the right fit!  

Most college students don’t have a ton of furniture or belongings—or, for that matter, a ton of money—so they don’t need and can’t afford a huge storage unit. Luckily, Extra Attic Self Storage offers units of all sizes that are no bigger than a single dorm room. Your belongings will feel right at home while you travel, work, visit friends, or look for a new place to live!

Looking for convenience? We’ve got it!

Extra Attic Self Storage has multiple locations, many of which are near universities and colleges. Here are some of the best spots for students:

North Raleigh 10240 Durant Road Raleigh, NC 27614

Northeast Raleigh 8320 Louisburg Road Wake Forest, NC 27587

South Raleigh 3420 Tryon Road Raleigh, NC 27603

Wilmington 5135 Market Street Wilmington, NC 28405

If you’re a college student looking for some extra space, Extra Attic Self Storage is an A+ idea that will earn you high marks. Contact us today and have a great summer!