The Benefits of Spring Cleaning


March 6th, 2023

Spring Cleaning Can Give You the feel of a New House!

Few things are more satisfying than a house you feel is comfortable and enjoyable to live in. A solid spring cleaning can help you get that feeling back if the clutter has snuck up on you over time. A storage unit from Extra Attic can also help you maximize the results of your de-cluttering work. Freeing up space in your home while organizing seasonal or occasional-used items for when they’re needed. Here are some tips to help you through the process.


It can be daunting to face de-cluttering your house. The best way to overcome this is to schedule a day and time (or maybe two days) and get the entire family to commit to participate. A few hours can be all that’s needed if you’re ready in advance.


Having a plan for what everyone wants to accomplish. Here are some possible categories to consider:

  • Unused or occasionally-used items like Christmas decorations, hobby equipment, reference books and the like;
  • Furniture and appliances being kept because “some day we might need it”;
  • Seasonal clothing, in a dedicated wardrobe box or regular box;
  • Important family documents and sentimental items;
  • Suitcases and other vacation necessities.
  • Garage space. Wouldn’t it be great to park your vehicles inside the garage again!


You’ll need boxes to organize the storage of smaller items. Here at Extra Attic, we recommend getting like-sized boxes (combination of medium and large), which will make storing in your storage unit more efficient. Give everyone markers and paper to list what goes into each box, so you’ll know what’s gone where. Have lots of tape, and invest in one or two good tape dispensers to make sealing go quickly.

We suggest you reserve your storage unit beforehand, so you know you’ll have it readily accessible. You can do this easily through our online reservation tool, or just contact us and let us know your needs. Extra Attic offers a wide variety of unit sizes, and we can help you decide which size will meet your needs. To keep your belongings safe from North Carolina’s summer humidity and winter cold, we recommend our climate-controlled units.

Be ruthless, but with a backup:

It can be tough to decide whether to keep or throw out items. Asking these questions can help you evaluate each potential item: “Do I love it?” “Do I use it often?” “Would I buy it again?”. Using an Extra Attic storage unit rather than throwing out gives you the benefit of freeing up house space, while still being able to retrieve items if they are essential.

Moving day:

When you’re ready to fill your storage unit, here are some tips to help make it easy:

  • Though SUVs offer significant capacity, consider renting a small van if you have furniture or other larger items;
  • You’ll want heavier boxes stored first (to get lighter boxes on top of them), and in the back of your unit. Load these last as they’ll be the first you unload;
  • Make sure your content markings on boxes are easily viewable to make access more efficient if you need to locate something later;
  • If possible, leave an “access aisle” to make getting to items in your unit easier.

Relax and enjoy!

Once you’ve de-cluttered your house and moved your excess belongings into storage, take time to kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy your “new” home!