Tips for Combining Households


March 28th, 2020

6 Tips for Successfully Combining Households

Moving in together, while exciting, can potentially cause some heated debates and hurt feelings. It’s hard to merge lives, households, and the things we own in a way that works well for everyone involved. Especially when there’s limited space, it’s easy to insight arguments about who should get rid of items that don’t fit into the new living space.

Be proactive and pave the way for a smooth transition with these six helpful tips for combining households.

1. Prepare.
Before the big move, it's essential to prepare. Take an inventory of all the items you have and decide what is best to keep. Keep a detailed list and create a clear plan, so your new home is the perfect mixture of everyone who lives there. Make this an activity that you and the family can do together.

Organize closets beforehand so there is room for newcomers, and so you aren't hauling junk to a new place only to end up taking it to the donation center. Take measurements and photos to ensure that all new furniture and décor has a home. Plan new room schemes so there aren't any big surprises on moving day.

2. Communicate.
Be respectful of each other and keep an open mind. Acknowledge from the start that sharing space and making tough decisions together can be an emotional process. Be careful how you talk about your loved ones’ belongings. Remember that what might seem insignificant to you might be important to them. Be prepared to listen to what the other person has to say. If they genuinely love that ratty old recliner, keep an open mind, and work together to come up with something that works for everyone.

3. Compromise.
Start by picking and choosing favorites from each person's belongings. Set aside the things you both love and need. It will start the merge on a positive note and make the move smoother and more efficient. When you come to the point of debate ("The pool table isn't going in the dining room!") plan to agree to disagree for now and revisit the issue later.

4. Develop styles as a couple.
Your new home should be a reflection of both styles. This may mean embracing a different aesthetic that allows everyone’s personality to shine through. Take some time to browse through home design magazines or websites together to see if you can find a style that you both like.

5. Cut clutter together.
When combining households, you will inevitably end up with multiples of the same thing. Decide what you will need, then donate or sell the extras. Create two piles to collect items for donation and keep so that you can both set those items aside as you unpack.

If you didn't get rid of unused items before the move, now is the time. Keeping true to the usual decluttering rules, if you haven't used it in over two years, its time go. Not only will this make new space for your new roommate, but it'll also free you both from the burden of junk. If you aren't ready to donate, sell, or give away your favorite things, look into renting a storage unit.

6. Maximize space.
Research storage systems at home that will work best for your new living situation to maximize space. Look into making room in closets, the garage, and the basement. Utilize vertical storage units and wall shelves to make your space feel bigger and more organized.

Don’t feel pressured to let go of items simply because you can’t see how to use them in your new family situation. Give your new life some time to adjust and grow. This is where a storage unit at Extra Attic will come in handy! Take a careful look at what items you want to keep in the home with you and what you should save for later. Pack these items into tubs and boxes for future use.

By investing in self-storage, you'll avoid potentially getting rid of those essential things you aren't quite ready to part with as you start your new life. Self-storage makes these valuable items accessible, all while keeping the clutter at bay and creating new space.

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