Tips for Storing Holiday Decor


December 18th, 2019

6 Tips for Storing your Holiday Decor

The gifts have been opened, the leftovers have been eaten, the guests have departed and the last traces of holiday cheer are fading away. The holiday season may be over, but you still have to pack up all the decorations, and that’s no small task. Holiday decorations can take up a lot of storage space in a home. Boxes and bins full of holiday decor can clutter up closets, attics, basements, and garages. This year, try a self-storage unit to keep your home free of holiday clutter and consider these six tips for simplifying this year’s post-holiday routine.

Take inventory.
As you pack your decorations, inspect decorations carefully and make note of any burned out lights or broken ornaments. Decide which items need to be pitched or need to be replaced, and take care of any additional shopping right after the holidays so you can score the best deals. As you pack everything away, make a list of what you have and what is being stored where. 

Storing ornaments.
Christmas tree ornaments come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. From antique glass creations to handmade paper designs so they will need special treatment when preparing for storage. They should be individually wrapped in tissue paper and placed in an ornament specific storage container or go to your local grocery store and grab some bottle boxes. Store larger or oddly-shaped ornaments in their original ornament boxes whenever possible.

Storing the tree.
An artificial Christmas tree will require a larger storage space. If possible, store trees in their original boxes. If the Christmas tree storage box is not available, take apart the tree and put in plastic bins. Christmas tree bags are also good for artificial Christmas tree storage. Some of the bags come on rollers, so you can easily transport the tree to its assigned spot.

How to store your lights.
Separate outdoor and indoor Christmas lights after use. Coil the lights to keep them from tangling. There are many great Christmas light storage ideas, such as wrapping lights around the outside of a coffee can or coiling your lights around a clothes hanger or piece of cardboard.

How to store wreaths.
Place holiday wreaths in their original boxes and store them horizontally on a shelf. If you do not have the original box, then place a bag over the wreath and hang it in a closet or behind a door. Do not store bags of wreaths on top of one another, as the wreaths could get damaged.

Use color-coded bins.
Storing your decorations in clear plastic containers may be a popular choice, but you can make life easier by choosing one identifying color for this holiday’s containers and sticking with it. Using this system you can quickly identify which bins you need at the start of the winter holiday season and avoid combing through containers. As you are packing things away, take the time to make a note on your inventory sheet what things are in each colored bin.

Call Extra Attic Storage.
Storage units are great for keeping holiday decorations safe and secure. Keep seasonal items in the back of a storage unit and then switch boxes out throughout the year when you need them. 

At Extra Attic Self Storage, we offer secure holiday decoration storage solutions. Our storage units have gated keypad entry, plenty of lighting, and surveillance cameras for your peace of mind. Our climate-controlled units will preserve your artificial wreaths, family heirlooms, and Christmas trees. So if you need extra space to store your holiday items contact us today!