Tips for Swapping Out Your Storage Unit


March 14th, 2017

Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, warm breezes are blowing, and self-storage units are bustling! Why are our units suddenly full of customers? Because now is the perfect time to swap out your spring gear and replace it with your winter wares.

You see, many people use self-storage units to store seasonal items. This helps free up space in their home, and gives them peace of mind—they know the belongings they only use during certain parts of the year will be safe and secure until it’s time to put them back in the spotlight. That’s the point of storage, after all—to keep things you need, want, or love because you’ll need them again in the future. And for your warm weather items, such as camping gear, swimming pool accessories, and yard tools, that time is now!

There are a few things you can do to make the swap go more smoothly. Here are three tips from the folks at Extra Attic Self-Storage. Follow these guidelines and enjoy the best spring season ever!

Figure out what you’ll be putting into storage for the summer.
While people who are lucky enough to live in North Carolina don’t have quite as much cold-weather gear as our friends up North, we end up using our warmest coats and trusty ice-scrapers a few times a year. Once March hits, however, we won’t need them again until, oh, November. Obvious contenders for self-storage include holiday decorations, sleds, snow shovels, space heaters, heavy blankets, and winter apparel, such as gloves, boots, and hats.

Check your list of stored items and figure out what you want to take out.
Hopefully you created a list of all the things you put in your storage unit, so it’s easy to jog your memory and remember what is in there. (As you get older, that list will become more and more critical!) You probably want to pull outdoor toys, such as bicycles and roller-skates. Gardening equipment will come in handy, as will portable fire pits, beach supplies, and other sports gear.

Take the time to do some spring cleaning in your storage unit.
While you’re moving everything around, it’s a great time to give your storage unit a deep clean. While Extra Attic units are protected, they still accumulate dust just like any other space. Wipe things down, sweep the floors, and check boxes to make sure they’re still strong and sturdy. This yearly tidying will keep your unit effective and secure!

We hope these tips help you make the most of your self-storage unit! For more information or to reserve a new unit, contact Extra Attic Self-Storage.