Utilizing Your Storage Space in the New Year


December 28th, 2017

When 2018 kicks off, most people will have already chosen a resolution on which they want to focus throughout the new year. But if your goal is to declutter your space and reorganize your home for optimal efficiency, Extra Attic has the tools and experience to help you choose the right methods and make the most of your space.

Make the tough calls
As you begin to sift through your items, you’ll most likely find a few things that you aren’t sure what to do with, or where they should eventually go. In those cases, it’s time to make some hard decisions by asking yourself what is useful on a daily basis and what isn’t. Have you used that unattached shelf hiding in your closet? Does anyone ever sit in that overstuffed armchair in the den? These sorts of questions will help you to decide whether or not something should be kept, donated, or placed in storage for another time.  Just keep in mind how nice it will be to have everything in its place, to have room to breathe in your own home, and the choices will be slightly easier to make – we hope!

Efficient sorting
If you don’t end up getting rid of very much in your quest to reshuffle your possessions, you’ll need to keep items to be stored in neat, possibly even separate locations until they can be moved to their new homes. Use labels for all containers, even if they’re temporary, and you’ll make the packing and transition much easier and virtually painless. That, and when it’s time to bring these objects back out of hiding, you’ll be able to quickly track down what you want and leave the rest.

Get the lay of the land
Take a really careful look at what items you want to keep stored and make a guess as to how much space it’s going to take to put everything in its place, either in or out of your home.  Should you opt for utilizing outside storage spaces for some of your items this year, consider Extra Attic’s facilities! We have several convenient locations and a variety of unit options from which you can choose. Contact us today!