Ways to Go Green with Self Storage


February 15th, 2019

Ways to Go Green with Self-storage

With spring right around the corner, we know you’ve got green on the brain. Between planning out your next gardening venture, to prepping that unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day party, it’s probably a really prominent color in your day-to-day routine right now!

But another avenue for this particular hue is not as literal, though no less notable. The eco-friendly movement presses on, hitting all of the major industries and businesses with ways to cut down on carbon emissions and reduce the use of resources that can’t be recycled or reused. Self-storage facilities are no exception, and at each of Extra Attic’s locations here in North Carolina, we’re constantly on the lookout for new methods of serving your needs as well as having a positive impact on our communities.

Less paper, fewer problems
Like so many other businesses out there these days, self-storage facilities have begun implementing online payment processes, autopay, and other electronic means of managing your account. And while paper is one of the most commonly recycled materials around, we highly recommend that you simply cut out the middle man and go paperless from the start! Rather than keep a physical record of all your transactions, you can refer back to your digital communications and invoices. Plus, you create less waste to be processed by your local recycling center, as well as those in the areas in which our facilities are located.

High efficiency lighting
You might not realize it, but Extra Attic is implementing high efficiency lighting at all our storage facilities.  In fact, our new Morrisville facility has all high efficiency LED lighting.  That includes our state of the art wine storage, office as well as the outside parking areas.  The reduction in power consumption has been cut by one third!

Cardboard recycle options
Did you know we have cardboard recycle containers?  This can help you cut down on both your clutter and your habits of using and throwing out materials like cardboard, packing paper, bubble wrap. When it’s necessary for you to take stock on a regular basis, it’s easier than ever to consolidate your consumption of these products, or to hold onto them until they’re needed next. Making your personal environment a greener, more organized place is just one of the many benefits to using a quality self-storage facility. If you want to know more, stay tuned to our blog or contact the Extra Attic location closest to you for your options!