Winter Tips for Your Self Storage Unit


December 12th, 2016

Tis the season for self-storage! Winter and the holidays in particular are a great time to take advantage of Extra Attic’s self-storage options. Below are a few of the ways our customers are taking care of their belongings and making room for what matters.

Store Summer Toys

If you live an active lifestyle in coastal North Carolina, you probably own things like surfboards, jet skis, and ATVs. These items are great to own, but not so great to keep around your home in the winter, when you’re not using them for months at a time. Putting them in a self-storage unit is a great way to take care of them and ensure they’re ready and waiting when the weather warms up again.

Extra Space for Santa

If you have a large family and plan to buy a lot of gifts, or if you have young children for whom you’d like to keep the magic alive a little longer, a self-storage unit is a great holiday season investment. You can store gifts, wrapping paper, and other holiday accessories until the big day, saving space in your home and keeping your presents under wraps.

Choose Climate Control

When most of this think of “climate control,” we picture a cool blast of AC. In reality, climate control doesn’t only refer to keeping a storage unit cool during the summer. Climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep the temperature between 55-85°F, so they’re great for preventing temperature-related damage all year. Through the use of insulation and central heating, a climate-controlled unit will protect your belongings in even the harshest of winters. Many of our Extra Attic locations offer the option of climate control units that can protect your items from extreme temperatures.

We hope this post helps you make the most of your storage unit and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. If have questions about self-storage or concerns about storing your valuables, don’t hesitate to contact us today. As always, we’re happy to help.

Happy holidays!