Your Storage Unit Search: Qualities to Watch For


October 30th, 2015

Welcome to part two of our storage unit search series! Today’s blog post comes from Ryan O’Neill, Property Manager of the Extra Attic Self-Storage in North Raleigh. With his experience in the self-storage business, Ryan has gained significant insights into how to choose the best storage unit for you. Today, he discusses the qualities to watch for when evaluating a storage unit facility. With his help, you’ll be storing your valuables safely and enjoying extra space at home in no time. Take it away, Ryan!

Qualities to Watch For

You can’t judge a book by its cover, right? Wrong! When it comes to finding the right self-storage unit for your valuables, you can tell a lot about a facility just by looking at it. Here are some things to watch for when visiting a potential storage unit.

First Impressions Are Everything

The moment you drive up to a storage facility you should be looking at the appearance. This is very important. You need to look at everything around you. Treat this experience as if you are looking for an apartment to rent.

How clean is the facility? Extra Attic prides itself on how clean all of our managers keep each property. The property manager is responsible for keeping every property extremely clean and secure. The first thing we do every morning is walk the property checking for trash and debris on the ground, around the dumpsters and in the hallways.

Safe and Secure

At the same time the manager is making sure the facility is clean, they are also checking every lock and parking space for security and safety. When looking for a storage unit or facility to store all of your prized possessions, you want to be sure that the facility is safe and secure. This is of the utmost importance. Extra Attic knows this. Every Extra Attic facility has been built and maintains the highest expectations for safety and security. Security at our facilities starts with the front gate where each customer has a unique custom code to enter and leave the facility. This allows us to keep track of all persons entering and leaving and at what time. Every facility has 24-hour recorded security cameras and we even require that all customers have a cylindrical round lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. All of the properties are illuminated entirely with bright security lighting at night and the Extra Attic home office has gone as far as to hire a security company to drive though each facility each night to ensure all properties are secure. All of these items are very important to look for and ask about when you are shopping for a storage unit.

Watch What We Say

The best way to find out what security features a storage company has is to ask the manager on duty. Pay close attention to the way the manager answers the question. If they seem taken aback and/or start to stumble over the answer it might indicate their security is not up to the standard we have at Extra Attic. They should feel very confident with the security their facility provides its customer and this will reflect in the way the question is answered.

By taking a moment to look for these qualities, you’ll be on your way to storing your belongings like a pro. Stay tuned for part three in next month’s blog, where I’ll be talking more about what questions to ask when shopping for a storage unit.