Your Storage Unit Search: The Importance of Understanding Specials


December 10th, 2015

Welcome to part four of our storage unit search series! Today’s blog post comes from Ryan O’Neill, Property Manager of the Extra Attic Self-Storage in North Raleigh. With his experience in the self-storage business, Ryan has gained significant insights into how to choose the best storage unit for you. Today, he discusses the importance of understanding specials. Take it away, Ryan!

The importance of fully understanding “Specials”:

Specials are a great way to save money. For every business in America and across the world specials are great when it comes to attracting new business. Storage facilities are no different. When asking about specials always find out as much information about that special as possible. It is very important to ask how much the rent will be when the special expires.

How $1 Adds Up

In the case of the popular $1 first month special, this $1 special can be a fair deal for the right person but it is not right for everyone. This $1 special is fair to both the customer and the company when the company asks for the second month’s rent to be paid in advance with the first month. This is fair for the company because it assures that you will be renting for two months possibly more. This $1 special is a great deal for the customer that only wants to rent for two months because you will get a significant discount on the overall total rent paid.

When to Avoid the $1 Deal

The reason this article is about fully understanding the special is because this same $1 special may not always be such a good deal. For the customer that is not sure how long they are going to need the unit this deal may be one you want to reconsider. There are companies out there that do not practice fair business. These companies are the reason you need to fully understand the “Special” and you need to ask how much the rent will be when the “Special” expires. Example: They offer this same $1 special and you pay in advance for the second month.

Problem 1: You get a letter in the mail or a notice in the middle of the second month informing you that the current special is expiring and if you want to continue to rent the space the new rental rate for month three is going to be full rack rate. This can be an increase of 10, 20, even 50% more than you paid for month two.

Problem 2: In many storage companies this increase in rent for month two is not originally communicated to the customer when signing a lease. At Extra Attic we consider this tactic to be deceitful and misleading. We make sure we communicate in full detail exactly how the current specials are structured so that everyone is in full understanding and there are no surprises. This is very important to us. Customer service and security are truly Extra Attic’s top priorities.

That Concludes This Series!

I hope you have enjoyed this four part series and that this information helps you in your search for a storage facility. I suggest you give us a call and experience the comfort and security of storing at Extra Attic Self Storage. The manager on duty would be more than happy to help you with your storage needs. Remember to come back next month, as we will continue to update you on events and information that could help you.