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Storage Guide

Self-Storage Facility Tips, Usage, and Rules

This guide has been prepared to aid you in the selection of size and type of storage unit that you will need. It also provides information concerning prohibited usage, as well as the type of lock that is mandated at all Extra Attic Self Storage locations.

Storage Tips

One of the questions most often asked when a customer is gathering information on self storage is what is meant by “climate controlled.” Certain areas in each self storage facility are temperature regulated – cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Most items do not require this type of storage unit. However, we do advocate a climate controlled environment if you are storing artwork, delicate antiques, musical instruments like a piano, and sensitive electronic instruments.To help you maximize your self storage experience, we offer some tips on packing and preparing certain items for storage:

  • SPRAY furniture with a good polish, and then cover with a drop cloth, cotton sheeting or paper pads.
  • DEFROST refrigerators and leave the door ajar.
  • SEAL boxes with masking tape.
  • STORE musical instruments, art objects and electronic equipment in heated and cooled units.
  • WRAP mattresses. Don’t lean unwrapped mattresses on walls or set directly on floors.
  • DO NOT USE plastic on concrete floors or around stored items as it will trap moisture.
  • RUB a light coat of oil to retard rust from metal surfaces.
  • TAKE special care when packing dishes, glassware, and mirrors. Dishes and glassware should be packed individually, with a layer of packing material on the bottom, top, and sides. Mirrors should be packed in a mirror pack box, or individually in strong cardboard.
  • MARK all boxes on the outside for content. This will make unpacking much easier.
  • PLACE those items you will need to use close to the door for easy access.
  • PROTECT your possessions by making sure everything is packed securely.
Prohibited Storage Usage

For the safety of our environment, our storage facility, and your possessions, certain things are not permitted. We also reserve the right to evict any tenant for violation of, but not limited to, the following rules:

  1. No storage of solen or illegal goods, or for any unlawful purpose.
  2. No explosives, ammunition, or dangerous chemicals.
  3. No inflammables, paint, or oily rags.
  4. Gas tanks, gas engines, etc., must be drained before storing.
  5. No improperly packaged perishable foods.
  6. No storage of anything that is alive and eating.
  7. No storage of anything that emits loud noises.
  8. No immoral or illegal use. Not for human habitation or overnight occupancy.
  9. No spray painting, sanding, or use of cutting torches in the unit.
  10. Work on vehicles, motor homes, and boats, etc. is not allowed.
  11. Vehicles stored in unit must be currently registered and drivable.
  12. No musical groups may use the unit for the purpose of practice or performing.
  13. No business conducted from storage unit which requires public to enter.
  14. Storage facility address cannot be used.
  15. No rummage sales, flea market, or sales of any kind directly from unit.
  16. No exterior signs for any purpose.
  17. No use of roof bar joists, or structural members or supports for the purpose of lifting heavy objects is prohibited.
  18. Use of outside storage for loose items such as construction and landscape materials, or personal items from boats or RVs that are placed on the ground is prohibited.

While we provide video surveillance, a computer access gate, daily site checks and on-site managers, you are responsible for access into your self storage unit. Limit the number of people who use your access code. You MUST use your code every time you enter or exit the facility. Because the security of your possessions is important to us, all storage units must be secured using a round (disc) lock. These locks can be purchased at Extra Attic or your local hardware store.


It is important to determine whether or not your homeowners or renters insurance will cover any disaster that might occur. If yours does not, we offer information on self storage insurance that is available to you at reasonable rates.